Friday, May 13, 2011

What’s new?

I have a lot to report…. lets see…

I spend $330 on books. 3 books. 3 USED books.

Its bull crap.

In my next life (ok I don’t really believe in that, but if I did) I am coming back as a college textbooks retailer and I will make bank stealing from poor college students and their parents.

IMG_20110511_193758  IMG_20110511_193811

School is starting in 2 weeks 6 days. I leave in 2 weeks for NC. I start class the day after we get back.

I want my life organized and clean before then so I have one less thing to stress me out.

When I get stressed I make lists…. this is what nap time today got me


That would be a cleaning schedule, a cleaning calendar so Matt can help me. If we do 1-3 things a day it seems much more manageable than a whole day cleaning.

Also, I don’t really care too much about cleaning. I don’t want to live in filth, but I don’t care to spend all my time cleaning.  Sorry mom.


Basically, get my crap in order so after NC my place is clean and I can focus on school.


I have been slowly scanning old pictures from my baby albums. The 3 white ones are mine, the blue one is my brother’s (he has another one at my parents, I will get it when I finish those)

I have been posting them on FB- its so fun to see my family in the 80s.

Want to see?  Here you go:

Somehow the SD reader on my computer broke… this makes blogging even harder. I have to put them on matt’s computer and then send them to myself and then save them here. So annoying. Seriously, I am already a slacking blogger, now I have 3-5 extra steps to blog. LAME

I totally ran around my apartment with my cell phone to get pics for this post.

That’s all for now, off to check another box off my list :D

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  1. I don't clean nearly as much as my mom (or my husband) would like either.
    And yes- it truly is wrong how much text books cost. And then they rob you again when you sell them back.