Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Harder than I thought

Hi friends,

Despite the fact that I spend my mornings with two adorable little girls I have been on the verge or crying all am. Truth be told it is probably hormonal, but I am seriously missing my bro. It has been almost a month since I talked to him last. Now I am sure in the past we have gone about a month without talking, but I doubt it. I know I'd call home and he'd answer the phone. We would talk for a few mins and he'd go back to video games. Now, he is cut off. Maybe even more than boot camp. He doesn't really write, he isn't allowed to call/text, we heard from him a lot during bootcamp. We found out that he is going straight to Missouri next week. I think that he will at least be able to talk to us then. I just feel sad, I miss the brat. I can't imagine how the families of those deployed do it. I dread if that happens. Seriously, I think it is just the fact that I can't talk to him that bothers me. Anyway, I am just feeling blue today. Sorry to be a debbie downer.

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  1. :( I'm sorry you're feeling down, it must be really hard not to be able to talk to him. I'll keep my figners corssed that you get to talk to him next week when he gets to Missouri.

    Sure youprbably went over a month talking to him before but the difference was, then you knew that you COULD talk to him if you wanted to.

    I hope that you're feeling better today :)