Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

June 20, 1981 my two favorite people got married. Mom chased my dad for over a year, at age 14 (or maybe 15) she finally caught him ( I guess he got tired of running :D)

They were 21. They moved to Kentucky so my dad could go to seminary. They were poor and young, but they relied on God and made it. Their biggest accomplishment during that time was having me! Nope not the PhD, me. :D

They are wonderful parents. They have taught us how to be good, respectful adults. I love now that I am older how our relationship has changed. We are more like friends.

My dad amazes me with his guitar making, and I love our chats about Maryland basketball. I have always been a daddy's girl. I don't see that changing. I still climb up in my dads lap for a hug and a little snuggle. Yup at 5'7" and 25 years old! My dad always has wise and logical advice to give. I am pretty sure I can't make a single decision without a consultation with dad. My dad is funny and always knows how to make me feel better. Once after a breakup in high school, he sent me flowers with a card that said "men are pigs." I laughed and agreed. I love my "old man" so much.

My mom exhausts me, the woman never stops. She is always going and doing, typically for others. She will give you the shoes off her feet if she thinks you need them more than her (and she has.) No matter how old I get, when I am sick, I want my mom! On my 24th birthday she laid in bed with me all night rubbing my head and ear while I cried in pain from an ear infection. My mom is a warrior of prayer and I have learned by her example that nothing is too small or silly to pray about. My mom has become such a wonderful friend. Even though I tease her that she is crazy, I love that about her. She is always doing something "crazy" to make me laugh. The bet part is I am always laughing with her.

I couldn't be luckier to have parents who love each other very much. Now that Austin and I are out of the house I am sure they are having fun with each other.

I hope that for the next 50 years the only thing to come between you guys is Kobi. (The dog seems to think sleeping in the bed between my parents is his right as doggie of the house.) I love you both very very much. Congrats on not killing each other for 29 years! :D

**** I have more recent pictures of them I know I do! But I am at work, so I just found some quick off my facebook****


  1. What a great story! My parents fell in love in high school and have been together for the 37 years. Got to love it!

  2. They will love this! Happy Anniversary to the two of them!