Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Meet Bubba/Ashley

I moved in with the family I nanny for over a year ago. They don’t have pets, but decided this summer to join the foster pet program at the local shelter.

We were given Bubba. A 10 year old, 24 lb MALE cat.

But bubba didn’t respond to bubba, and when we asked, they said that his name was originally Ashley. That makes sense… and he totally responds to Ashley.

After spending 2 days in hiding, Ashley is deciding this place isn’t too bad, and wanders around the house.

Lately he as spent a lot of time in my room. Which I don’t mind one bit since I have wanted a cat for a while now.

My only issue with him is his determination to get UNDER the covers at 5am, or his attraction to sitting ON my laptop resulting in popped off keys (from his claws when I pulled him off) and somehow turning a setting on so that my computer makes a sound like an iPad when I type. FUN.

He is a sweet kitty, and is curled up next to me as I type this.


Hiding day 2


This was take by a 3 year old, so the quality is lacking, but you get a good idea of his size

IMG_20120806_164920Just hanging out

IMG_20120806_230350Face timing with Eric (Eric loves this cat, and if he wasn’t allergic, he would have adopted him by now)


How he sleeps at 5am

IMG_20120806_232835IMG_20120808_104624Helping with homework

IMG_20120808_135210IMG_20120808_171411IMG_20120808_192353IMG_20120808_202649Checking his Facebook?


He always attacks my hands when I type on the iPad


His favorite place to sit, on the laptop!

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