Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life is good today

A little over a year ago around now, I was in a rough place.

My life, everything I had planned for it, everything I thought it was going to be was flipped upside down and I had not much clue which way was up.

Lucky for me, that didn't last too long. My parents, friends and family rallied around me, and supported me through it. They listened when I needed to talk, they encouraged me when I needed it, they distracted me when that was needed too and they kept my eyes on the good things.

I didn't stay sad and lost long. I dove head first into school and running. I went home and spent time with my friends most weekends and I stayed focused on the good in my life.

As my heart healed, I began to see all of the positive things that were coming from such a negative experience for me. I was in a better place, and headed in a better direction.

Today, a year, a month and some days later, I sit here writing and can honestly say I am the happiest I have been in years. School is going well, I am 2 semesters away from my first degree. I am in the middle of Marine Corps Marathon training, and while it is SO HARD, I know I will be so proud when I finish that race. My family is good, happy and healthy and I am even dating someone, someone who makes me super happy.

Life is seriously good.

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