Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sweet Summertime

Well my summer this year has a theme. Country music and sun.

I plan to do a lot of running and spending time at the pool.

Some friends of mine are also renting a boat and spending the day on the water in a couple weeks.

I am hoping to get a trip to the beach in, even if it is just Ocean City.

The highlight though, has to be, the concerts.

This summer I am going to see some great names in country music and I couldn’t be more excited!

First up is Dierks Bentley. He is playing a free concert at the Washington Nationals stadium after the game. ( I guess in theory it isn’t free, since we have to pay for a ticket to the game, but we are getting cheapo ones since we are only interested in the music really.)


Then I was talked into seeing Toby Keith and Brantley Gilbert. Now I love Brantley, but I am not a Toby Keith fan really. I like his pre 9-11 music, but he just kind of gets on my nerves now. However, I love Brantley so I did as I was told and built a dang bridge and bought a ticket to the concert! I can’t wait to see BG again, and hopefully his set is a bit longer and he plays some of my favorites!


Then comes the highlight, Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw! Seeing either one of those guys alone would be fine with me, but TOGETHER?! Holy cow! I can’t wait!!!



Brad Paisley is another personal favorite of mine, and I haven’t seen him yet, but that changes this summer!


Most of these are lawn seats, which means you aren’t up close seeing them, but you can still hear them and the party is more fun on the lawn anyway!


I hope to be able to end the summer with a little Jason Aldean. My dad’s friend works for his tour and hopefully will be able to hook me up with a ticket. If not, I am sure dad and I will buy a lawn seat and head out anyway!


***all pictures are from google image search***

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  1. Remove the "hopefully" from the paragraph about Jason Aldean. Lee says we're in. Probably with Meet and Greets, and even a view from the side stage with her.