Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Ladies

My girlies turned 3 on April 28th.

Seems like just yesterday I started nannying for them and now they are 3!

They had a farm themed party, with pony rides and a petting zoo. I didn’t get to go, since I was home for a wedding, but I helped with the cake Open-mouthed smile 

Their mom made the cake and cupcakes and I decorated the cake into a barn while she worked on the cupcakes into sheep, chicks and piggies. I think it turned out great.

It was nice to get a little cake decorating in, its been a while!




(this pic stolen from their mom’s blog)

I love these little girls. They make me laugh every single day! The things they come up with are so funny. I love being a part of their life!

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