Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Best Week EVER

So Monday I found out I got an A on my first grad school class.

Thursday I bought a BRAND NEW car!

Our family doesn’t buy new cars. We buy new to us cars. I went shopping and was set on a 2010 Hyundai Elantra.

My dad went to look at the cars, and the guy had him look at a 2012 Accent.

I could get a 2010 and pay it for 5 years for the same price as a 2012 for 6 years. Ok so that doesn’t seem like a great deal. Well the warranty was what sold me.

10 year powertrain with the 2012 – nothing with the 2010

5 year bumper to bummer with the 2012 – 28k miles with the 2010

5 year roadside assistance – AAA with the 2010

So that extra year of payments is worth it to have a basically hassle free car.

And it’s the body style I like.

So dad started wheeling and dealing on Tuesday. I couldn’t get to Frederick to look at the car until Wed night.

I get there Wed night and the ONLY car there was gone. Hello dagger to my heart.

So they search everywhere, but no other dealership would give them an Accent.

So we decided we would find one somewhere and go there. (Sorry Clyde)

So my dad found a car, called and made sure that it was there and off he went.

He was at the dealership at 1:30 and was making a deal on a white Accent. I didn’t reallly love the white, but I liked it enough.

As he was sitting there he called me and said a truck pulled up with a grey one on it, do I want that one instead? UM YES!

So they waited for me to get off work and head over, and after a few hours of stressful negotiations we made a deal!

They didn’t want to give me much for my car, but my dad busted out his smartphone and showed them that they were seriously low-balling me and we got another $300 out of them.

This got us in my price range and we had a deal.

While we were there for 4.5 hours, 2 people bought cars. This place sings to you when you buy a car! It was cute. But when it was my turn it was awkward and embarrassing, but I still made them do it!

I said goodbye to my little Alero and drove home with my sweet NEW CAR!!!

Ok pics time – and the most embarrassing video ever


Bye Alreo – I will miss you


But not your duct tape


WOOO new car!!


4 of those miles I put on when I took it for a test drive!!



Them singing to me:


  1. I'm sorry Angela. I didn't know all about this from your other blog. You will survive, you are strong and beautiful and so much more. If you want to be friends, then more power to you. Good luck on your runs and your marathons and I LOVE!!! Love your new car.
    Take care and blessings my friend.

  2. That's awesome! Yay for swanky ner wheels :D

    Once while I was still working in an office, a barber shop quartette came in on valentine's day to sing to one of my co-workers. She was on lunch break so they decided to sing to me instead. I wanted to die.