Saturday, June 25, 2011

North Carolina

Twice recently, Matt and I escaped to the mountains of NC for the weekend. The first time it was just us, and we just spent the time relaxing and enjoying the view. The second time Matt’s parents, sister and her boyfriend joined us there and we had a lot of fun playing tennis, hiking playing bocce and almost dying on a tour of the golf course!


The views are amazing.

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So funny story about our hike. I have a fear of snakes. Its real and it is paralyzing. People don’t really understand how bad my fear is. I can’t even go into the reptile house at the zoo. It makes me feel incredibly anxious and tense. I won’t do it.

So the night before our hike, I told Matt that if he saw a snake he needed to just remove me from the situation, but not say anything about it. You know, like tell me to come over here (here being where the snake ISN”T)

So we successfully hike to two waterfalls. We were on our way to the last one and we get about 2 minutes into the hike and a girl walking back the other direction says “there is a snake on the left” I screamed oh expletive this expletive! and turned around and RAN back to the bridge where the start of the trail was. By the time I got to the bridge I was shaking and almost to tears. Matt’s mom came back and soon Matt came. He was not happy with that girl. I was going to just sit in the car and wait for them. But he talked me into going back. He told me that “snakes don’t want anything to do with me, they just want to be left alone” and I reminded him that those guys saw it and he said that “those redneck guys were looking for it!” So I went, crying for the first 5 mins of the hike. Staring at the ground waiting for one of those sticks to move. When it was all over I was glad I went, but it was a rough start.

I really wish I didn’t react this way, I never really thought about how I was reacting, my brain took over and I was out of there! It was a little embarrassing the way I freaked out, but luckily I was with family.

It was a great weekend with family and a lot of fun. The only thing that would have made it better is if I had been able to find boiled peanuts.

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  1. DOn't feel bad, I'd react the same way! And I'd react the same even if it had only been a bat - or a big moth....I'm afraid of most everything really...