Tuesday, January 25, 2011

COLD and other random things

I am cold. It is like my bones have frozen and keeps my body at a constant state of COLD. I am totally over winter. I know that this winter is really not much different than any other, but it seems to me that we have spent more days in the 20s and below freezing than not. My body apparently doesn't know how to keep me warm. I wear a hoodie almost everyday and I am still cold. I make the girls come and sit over near where the heater is blowing when we do activities because I am so cold. Even now I am wrapped in a blanket. I used to not be cold at home, we keep the temp set pretty warm (around 72-73) but even at home I am wrapping in a blanket it seems. I don't think there is a medical reason for all this. I just think I need some spring and summer in my life.

Dear winter, thanks for visiting. While you have been a better guest than last year, I am going to have to ask you to move on now.

I run this risk of a major jinx by saying this, but I have survived 3 rounds of snotty noses, coughs and just plain miserable little girls. The days when the girls are sick are really hard. I spend 90% of my time wiping noses and snuggling (the latter is not so bad!) while trying to avoid the germs myself and keep the other one happy too. Most amazing is that I have yet to get a winter cold. I give the credit to the almost 2 years I worked at a daycare and caught every cold that walked in the door, and to the 10 pills I take everyday. I might look like a 50 year old woman when I pull out my little baggie, but those little babies are keeping me healthy.

I take
1- fish oil (good for heart and some say helps prevent breast cancer)
2 glucosamine and conjointin pills (good for joints and with running so much it couldnt' hurt - plus it will help when I get older)
2 calcium - I don't drink milk and some days I don't eat a lot of dairy, so this is pretty important for me.
2000 IU vit D- only in winter, but sure seems to add some pep in my step
1 500 mg Vit c
and 2 Flintstones chewable (with immunity support) - I heart these the most!

I made it my 2011 goal to take my vitamins more consistently and I have been doing a decent job of that! YAY.

Can we talk about how January is almost over! WHAT ON EARTH!! Seriously, life is going so fast!!

I was just worrying about what to get Matt for Christmas, and in the back of my mind I was like I need an idea for his birthday too, now its only a month away!! CRAP!


Still haven't found a replacement ring. Sigh. I miss it. My hand feels naked.


I want a kitten. Badly.

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