Wednesday, February 18, 2015

In Happier News - Wedding update

This weekend I checked off a lot of things on the wedding to do list.

Friday I took my mom's veil to her friend's house, and discussed how she was going to make it into a thing of beauty fitting for 2015 (right now it is super 80s).

Saturday Eric and I went to the mall and looked at his ring. He picked out what he liked so that I could go order.

Sunday I went to mom's and let her show me some things she is working on for the unity candle and a few other d├ęcor items.

Monday I went to Eric's mom's house and began sewing the bridesmaids gifts. I am fully finished one project, and we started another. One more day there and I will be finished with the girls' presents. Eric and his dad created the bases of the Chuppah for the wedding and they are ready to go to our friend who will plant flowers in them.

Tuesday I went out in the afternoon in search of a bra/corset for my fitting on Saturday. (nothing like waiting to the last min) I didn't find anything, I am hoping I don't need it after all.
I also ordered Eric's ring while I was out.

Last night we were working on the wording for our Ketubah - the Jewish Marriage contract, and basically wrote it so it was unique to us. We decided to use the saying on the Ketubah as our vows, so our vows were written last night as well!.

Plus, last week Jan finished our invitation and is working on the RSVP cards. We booked the venue for the rehearsal brunch, and I figured out the escort card/favors.

So much done, yet so much to do.

I need to figure out the little people's gifts, create the escort cards, create the programs, create some signs for the wedding and get the invites out the door next month.

Eric needs to figure out his gifts for the boys, and make sure they order their suits! We also need to make the corn hole game.

We are in double digits- 96 to be exact. There is still so much more than this list has on it, but its a start. I am just excited how much we accomplished this weekend!

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