Sunday, January 5, 2014

Have you set a date?

You get engaged, and the first thing people ask is “have you set a date?!”

Seriously? I JUST got engaged, no. I know I want a spring 2015 wedding, I have plenty of time.

But then you lay in bed making guest lists, and researching venues/caterer/DJs and realizing that 1- there is a lot to do 2-it costs a small fortune to get married (yes dad, I know the church is free, but I am not diggin’ the basketball court feel)

Then I started looking at venues more closely, since I knew that would be the first thing we had to decide.

I couldn’t believe it but May 2015 dates were already filling up.

I called and booked a tour the next day with our first choice in venue.

Eric and I drove out to Walkersville, my hometown, the weekend after we got engaged on Sunday afternoon. Driving out there I made the comment that I have never been super emotionally attached to Walkersville, I moved away pretty easily, but there is something about getting married where I grew up, just a mile or so from home, and right across the street from my middle school that is pretty cool; when we saw the place, all that didn’t even matter anyway.


It was beautiful, and perfect for the vision I had created in my head of my wedding. I didn’t want formal and fancy. That isn’t me. I wanted casual and fun. The guys aren’t wearing tuxes, and we just might serve BBQ as part of the dinner menu.


The venue allows for lawn games like corn hole and horseshoes and there is a fire pit in the yard for late night s’mores post dancing.


Another plus is you get the place until midnight and if it gets cold, then they will put the sides on the tent and heat it for us, for free. Amazing.

We left there a little bummed because we loved the place, but the price for a Saturday was over half what we wanted to spend on the wedding total! We threw around the idea of a Sunday wedding, as it offered some more savings, bringing it to a manageable price. Eric’s mom called us later with an idea that since we were thinking about Sunday, what about Monday, Memorial Day, it would offer much more savings and allow me to use that money for something else, putting us back on track budget wise.

I wasn’t 100% on board with the Monday wedding. So the next day Eric took his parents to show them the venue, and put a hold on the date while we look around at other venues. But once I knew we had a date at that venue, I got super excited and it didn’t matter anymore that it was a Monday.

It will be perfect.

Now I can’t stop researching other aspects of the wedding, reaching out to caterers and DJs.

Once school starts back up I will have to chill, but I am so excited, 2015 seems so far away! But I know it will be here before we know it.

****all pictures are taken from the venue’s facebook page , they aren’t mine, and not of my wedding Open-mouthed smile ****

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  1. CONGRATS!!!! CONGRATS!!!! This is awesome. I am so happy for you. You so deserve this Angela. Oh am I excited for you. CONGRATS again!!
    Good luck with the planning and ideas and so much more. We cheated for our wedding, we eloped and spent the money on a honeymoon. We didn't have much but we had 9 days of camping in South Dakota. It was awesome.
    Take care and God bless you both!