Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Ink

I can’t believe I didn’t blog about this.

After I ran my marathon I knew I wanted to commemorate it in some way with a tattoo.

But just having 26.2 seemed lame and weird – especially since I wanted it on my foot.

The more I thought about it, the idea of having my dad write it kept coming to me.

My dad has been a runner my whole life. I have memories of stealing his race shirts to sleep in when we lived in GA – I am pretty sure he only ever ran 5ks in GA, I don’t think he ran a race in MD.

Then he decided to run a half marathon with me.


Pretty fun!

So I was like I will get 26.2 on my foot – but that still was underwhelming. It was what I wanted but was just eh.

So when I asked dad to write it, he said the numbers or the words. CLICK – the words.

My dad’s handwriting is unique in my opinion, and so having him write it out would be perfect.

So I had him write it, and then made the appointment with my college roommate Meg.  This was back in July. (bad blogger!)

Getting the tattoo on my foot sucked. It hurt, and I would twitch and I couldn’t control it, I was worried that I would screw it up. But I survived and I love it!



I still look down and forget  I have it. I do get many questions about it. What does twenty-six . two mean? Who wrote that? It’s a nice conversation starter lol.


It is nice to always have a piece of my dad with me always too.


This was the peanut gallery at the tattoo shop – who sat and waited nicely while Meg and I got tattoos.

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