Monday, March 19, 2012

The time I PRed the crap out of my race!

I knew going into saturday's half marathon that unless I broke my leg on the course, I was going to PR it. My last time was pretty stinky. 2:57:41.

I went in with some goals
1- Have fune
2- PR
3- Sub 2:30
4- Sub 2:15.

I knew goal 4 was a long shot, but I wanted it.

I was running this race with my dad. How cool is that. 52 years old and running his first half!! Sweet!!!

So race day comes, and it is HOT. I didn't know what to wear. I ended up with shorts and a tee shirt and I am glad I went that route, I even with I went with a tank top. It was HOT!

I started out fast and felt good. Then before mile 6 there was a GIANT hill (dramatic? maybe, but it sucked!) I knew that miles 6-8 were pretty much up hill but this was before 6. I knew I was screwed. That hill sucked the life out of me. I got back in the game for 6-9. At 9 I felt tired and spent. I was dogging it. My dad would get ahead of me hoping I would pick up the pace. He knew I wanted 2:15 and I think he was trying to keep me on track for it. But I didn't care. I did the math and I knew I would sub 2:30 it, so I was just trying to survive.

My Garmin had to be sent in for repair so I was running with a stop watch. After 5 miles I stopped knowing my splits because I wasn't trying to do that math. My dad was keeping track on his watch, but I never asked. I was going by feel. Made me a little crazy at the end, but it was good for me :-D

Around mile 11 I realize 2:15 was there if I could just dig deep and find the energy. I kicked it up a little and gave it all I had.
Mile 12 comes, and I am just hanging on for dear life. I kept running, and I hear the chorus of Garmin watching go off signaling that it was 13 miles. But I still didn't see the sign. I was dying for that sign. I finally saw it and pushed what little bit I had to get to the finish. I knew 2:15 was out, but I was HAPPY with my time.

2:17:36. Heck freaking yea! A 40 min PR! So pumped!

If the course wasn't so dang hilly, or the heat wasn't so crazy, I would have hit 2:15 I know it. Both of those things together really got me. I could have overcame one of them. But I met goals 1-3 and that is fine with me!