Friday, November 30, 2012

My Birthday.

I love my birthday. I don’t usually make big plans for it, but I like the anticipation of it.
I count down from Oct 1. I declare daily to at least one person that it is almost my birthday! (typically only the bf or the parents get this torture)
My birthday is like new years for most people. A new chapter.
This year, I knew my birthday weekend would be LOW KEY. And by low key I mean running a marathon
My birthday week I had a special dinner with the Romleys on Wed. Thursday I went to the race expo with Lindsay then out for dinner. Friday I drove home, saw Eric for an hour before he had to go to work, and then got my nails done and met mom, dad and Austin at Uncle Julios for dinner.
I got some pretty amazing presents this year.
First, Eric impressed me by remembering me mentioning the first time he ever came to my house (in APRIL) that I wanted a place to hang my medals. I mentioned a runner girl holder. Somehow he remembered that (I don’t even remember telling him this) and got it for me. It was perfect! I can’t wait to hang it up and put all my medals on it!
Then mom surprised me with the biggest surprise yet.
I had saved most of my tee shirts from college. Free ones from basketball or football, ones from programs I participated it etc. I wanted a tee shirt quilt. But the only person I know who sews was just too busy to work on it. So they sat in the trash bag for years.
My mom had been secretly working with a sweet lady from church to make me my quilt. IMG_1945
She wrapped it up and gave it to me – it isn’t quite finished, but when it is I have big plans to curl up with it and a book. Such a special present!
Aubrey came to town on the 27th for the marathon. It was great to have her around on my birthday! First time in years that has happened too!
I had a great birthday! Spent it with the people I love most. Can’t beat that!
I am excited for 28. I have big plans. I ran a marathon. I will graduate with my first masters degree. Who knows what else.

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