Monday, October 8, 2012

Charleston SC

You may or may not know this, but my best friend lives in Charleston, SC.
I have been  there once before, and I have read and talked to many people that have been there, and I was in love with it before I even went.
Eric has been working with the Washington Kastles, DC’s World Team Tennis team. He was asked to travel to SC and shoot the finals.
He was going to drive, and it was just a weekend, so I invited myself along.
Now, I want to live there FOR SURE!
It is so cute and I wish I had more time to explore.
Friday when we got in, we checked in and rested from the 8 hour drive ( ok – I didn’t need to rest, I slept in the car, but Eric drove all 8 hours like a champ- and I tried my best to annoy him in every way possible so that he knew what he was getting into Open-mouthed smile )
Then we met Aubrey and went downtown for dinner.
We went to Hyman’s Seafood. I don’t like seafood, but I like steak, so while they chowed on Shrimp and Grits and Clams or something like that, I went to town on my steak. Open-mouthed smile
One thing that excited me most was the boiled peanuts they brought to the table! Who needs a bread basket!

Also, our table was famous (as was every one there)
Saturday, Eric and I got up and went back downtown to explore in the daylight. We had breakfast at Toast. SO GOOD. Amazing grits. YUM.
All those pics I was trying to get us and the boats in the pic- and failed.
Eric doing Eric things
Aubrey and I did some shopping and laying on the beach while Eric worked.
Sunday, Aubrey gave me the grand tour of her life. Where she lived, where she lives now, then drove out to Isle of Palms. Adorable beach and I love it there.
So I am moving to SC ok. You can come visit me. Its an easy drive Open-mouthed smile

Oh and let me toot the boyfriend's horn a little here --- He got his picture published!!! On USA Today Sports! So proud of him. :-D   click to see

** I swear Aubrey was there – It is amazing how we used to take 5000 pics every time we were together EVERY SINGLE DAY, and now when we see each other every, NEVER we never take pics!**

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  1. LOVE Charleston, isn't it amazing? I could walk around all those houses and the main streets for hours. It's on the "top picks" for us to move to. That is... when we could afford one of those big houses :)

    Congrats to Eric - great shot!