Friday, October 26, 2012


26 was a difficult year. When I turned 27 almost every card I got said something to the tune of 27 will be your best year yet.

I smiled, said thanks I hope so, but I didn’t really believe that would be possible.

But I hit 27 running. I focused on my running, and on school and kicked some major booty in both.

I  ran a half marathon with my dad and PRed my half marathon time by 40 + mins. and I have spent the majority of my 27th year training my heart out for my marathon, which happens in two days!


I am a semester and a half away from my first masters degree. Something that seemed so far away and almost unattainable

I got a tattoo!


In my 27th year, I focused on the relationships that meant the most to me. I spent time with the people in my life that keep my head up when things got hard.

I went on a family vacation and made memories with them.


I had lots of fun adventures with my friends, camping, concerts, beach, weddings and trips.







I have learned to trust another person again. Trust that I won’t wake up tomorrow blind sided and heart broken.


Starting a new relationship was hard. I often felt crazy, terrified that I wouldn’t see the signs and end up hurt. I was afraid to let go and let it happen.

But slowly, I have learned to trust Eric and trust in our happiness (I may also ask him all the time if he is happy – probably should work on that Open-mouthed smile )

The thing is , I always thought I was happy, but I see now, I wasn’t. Now that I am truly happy and in a relationship that is healthy, I see how miserable I was. My friends saw it, and if they had told me,I would have gotten mad. I had to live it for myself. I see it now.

I see it in pictures, I see it in my attitude and outlook. I am happy.

My 27th year WAS the best one yet. Life is good, I am doing well at the things that make me happy and I am truly very happy.

The exciting thing is, my 28th year will be the best year ever. Bring it 28! I am ready for you and the adventure you take me on!!

Thanks to all my Family and Friends for making 27 the best year ever. There is no way it would have been without you. FACT.

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