Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today is my momma’s birthday!
There are so many words to describe my mom. So many I can’t even list them all.
She would do anything for anyone, and usually does. She works her butt off to make people happy.
(seriously who looks that pretty after having a baby?! I know I won’t!)
She cares about the little things.
My mom will talk to anyone about anything if she thinks it will make a difference in their life.
The woman is on a first name basis with almost (if not all) of the staff at Bob Evans (Since it is her birthday I will refrain from making elderly jokes abut her favorite restaurant) The thing is, she really does care about them. She cares that her waitress has two kids at home, and is going to school and working. She always checks in with them all.
Lets be honest, I never get to know my waitresses.
My mom and I are different in a lot of ways, but I wouldn’t change that for anything. It makes our relationship fun Open-mouthed smile
She is neat and tidy, and well, I am SO NOT.
She talks to anyone, and I am shy.
She is super crafty and I don’t really have a crafty bone
She will bend over backwards to make her kids happy. I hope that one day when I have kids I am JUST LIKE HER in that regard. I know my mom will do anything for me and not think twice, and she has on many occasions.
She will freeze her butt off just to watch you run a 10 mile race, even when she only would see me at one spot!
She will go and talk to every single person in the Verizon center she has to, to get my seats moved because I couldn’t hear New Kids on the Block and I was so very sad and crying, and then show up with AMAZING seats!!!
I am very lucky to have her as my mom.
I love you mom, even though we pick on you, I love you very much. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without out, and I can’t function well without you either! Thanks for always being there for me and teaching me how to love and be loved.

I can’t not give a shout out to Brad on his birthday too! We miss you man! Wish we could celebrate with you! I know everyone is thinking about you today too!

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