Sunday, December 4, 2011

Life Update

School consumed my life in November. But it is over. I officially finished my second semester with 1 A and 1 B. The B was in my finance class and that class challenged me from the start. I get 2 months off! I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy, running, and reading books that aren’t textbooks so far!

I went to New Jersey with the roommates (I will always call them the roommates, even though none of us live together anymore) We took my little car on its first road trip! Armed with Justin Bieber’s Christmas album we headed to Jersey to celebrate Carol’s birthday. After a few drinks at the bar, we may have played on the greatest playground I have ever seen at midnight.


Saturday we got up and went to the city and then had a party! I remade Carol’s wedding cake in cupcake form.

Thanksgiving was awesome. Mom had to work, so we had dinner in Frederick. I cooked my first Thanksgiving meal. Beer can turkey, mac and cheese, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, corn casserole, beans, carrots, rolls and desserts! So good. Then we played apples to apples.


Before I finished up the cooking, I went out for my own personal turkey trot 5k. I have slowly noticed my pace getting faster, but since I ran 5 miles on Wed. I decided to just run a quick 5k. Well, my legs just went, I was running fast and it was easy. I noticed at 2 miles that I had run both miles sub 10 min miles! I decided I was going to make this 5k a sub 10 min mile 5k! I pushed hard at the end and PRed my 5k time by about 2 mins! My pace never went over 10 min miles! So exciting!  (foreshadowing for an upcoming race maybe?!…) Wait and see.

Lastly, I have been struggling to find my Christmas spirit. I have this nagging feeling that this year is going to be hard for me. While I am staying positive about it, I still worry. (but I worried about my birthday and it was perfect!)

I decided I could fit my tree in my room here, so I would put it up. But then I never talked myself into doing it. I wanted to, but it made me sad. Meredith said that we would all do it as a family. So today my favorite toddlers pitter pattered up my stairs and helped me decorate my tree. They did a great job and there were no ornament casualties. Open-mouthed smile 


Helping Evelyn put on the elephant


Helping Sylvia put on the fishyDSC_1046


Decorating the tree together Open-mouthed smile


Me and my girls


The toddler clump


About 5 ornaments on 1 branch <3 it!



We hung my stocking downstairs with everyone else’s


Some new favorite ornaments!



After I balanced out the bottom Open-mouthed smile


It is beginning to look a bit like Christmas, and it may even be beginning to feel like it too Open-mouthed smile

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  1. I'm so happy to see your pink Christmas tree again, I think it's wonderful that you still put it up, and I secretly would love a tree in my room, to be able to wake up and see it would thrill my dorky self. And I'm really digging those new ornaments too!

    Have I told you lately how adorable you are? Cuz you totally are :)