Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2 more sleeps

I do my countdowns typically in sleeps. It is easier that way. I started it for the kids I babysat, and never stopped. Today is Wednesday, I am going home for Christmas on Friday. 2 more sleeps til I go home for Christmas! I can't wait.

It is slowly starting to feel a little more christmasy for me. All of my presents are bought and hopefully arrive on time.

I can't wait to watch A Christmas Story with my dad. The movie is stupid, but my dad watching it is the best. The man cries laughing at half of it. Fra-ra-ra-ra-rah Ra-ra-ra-rah! You should watch it with us, its funnier  that way!

In other news, not having school means I get bored. But not bored enough to deal with my reader. I am VERY weird and I hate having an unread count. My email in box always says 0.
So that 639 is giving me anxiety. I don't read everything that I subscribe to, but after a weekend at home being pretty unplugged, the number is too big to think about dealing with.
I will probably mark all as read and start over :-D (yes I am odd)

Last weekend I ran 10.5 miles. It was a great run. Running 10 miles during my last half marathon training was NEVER easy. (I also beat the time of my 10miler race) It was easy until about 9 miles. I ran 9 miles like it was no big deal. Who am I?

I also went out to lunch with my bff Richie and the "merry widows" for his birthday. I ran into so many people I haven't seen in such a long time. It made me very happy, and made me miss Frederick a little. (not enough to move back though!)

I got a new phone. It rocks! I can take screen shots (like above), I can take pictures of things quickly. My phone holds a charge and actually works. It is amazing! I love it.

Getting excited for Christmas, but really just excited to go home to my family. I love them

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