Monday, October 11, 2010

Random Things

1- It is that time of year when Uggs come back. Now - I know many people love them, and that is fine. I know they are very warm. I personally don't like them. But that is fine. Uggs just aren't my thing. But what makes me crazzzyyyy is when I see some chick running around in a short mini skirt and uggs! OK - if it is cold enough for uggs then it isn't warm enough for a mini, and if it is warm enough for a mini , what the heck are you doing in uggs?  This used to make me crazy in college, because all the girls sported this look and I wanted to scream. :-D

2- I have not been blogging much. I don't really have a good reason. Sometimes it is because I am busy others I just don't want to sit on my computer. But I do sit and read blogs I just don't feel like writing them. I don't know why. I hope I get my blogging mojo back because I enjoy it.

3- I made a test recipe for my college roommate Carol's wedding cake. Now I am really excited to make the cake. Just a little nervous about the cake getting to the reception venue in one piece and getting set up on time.

4- Next weekend I am going to NJ/NYC for Carol's bachelorette party and I am really excited!!!

5- It is almost my birthday - also really excited for that. I am always really excited for my birthday, but I never want a big deal made. I just like annoying everyone for the 20+ days before it reminding them that it is almost my birthday (and waking up on the 26th and screaming IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!)

6- I need (and want) to get back to running. Starting tomorrow.

7- Saw Social Network last night - I really enjoyed it.

8- My favorite restaurant is Houston's. The only one in the area closed down a while ago. I was so sad. I LOVED their chicken fingers. They were soooooo good. Well last night Matt and I tried a new restaurant and I ordered chicken fingers,  and they were just like Houston's! SCORE!!!

Want to see some pics from FL?

I want to be on that boat!

My BEAMING friend Amanda - Most beautiful bride ever!!

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  1. haha...yes...Uggs and a mini skirt? I agree..cold enough for Uggs, but not too cold to wear a mini?

    With working outside the home and wanting to be sure that I reply to those that comment on my posts, I can usually only manage to do one post a week...thus the sometimes, ridiculously long mega posts. Thank you for stopping by my place :o)

    It will be great to see how your wedding cake turns out. You will need to post photos of it at your friend's venue. and have a wonderful time at her bachelorette party.

    Happy "almost" birthday :o)
    Enjoyed your Florida pics...wouldn't it be grand to just travel and enjoy the beautiful areas of our country...our world? I would love to do that as a career :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!