Friday, July 30, 2010

I want to do big things.

My life is at a stand still I feel like.

While I LOVE my job, I love the girls I really do, I am just not doing what I want with my life.

I want to be a counselor and help children.

I have been tossing around the idea of going back to school and getting my masters and I really feel like I need to seriously do some research and see if I can make this happen.

I need to do what I am passionate about, and lately I have just been feeling like I am selling myself short.

But, I am scared too. This weekend I am alone, and while I lounge at the pool, I am really going to mediate and pray about my options.

I really need to figure out how to finance, and juggle life to meet my goals. I can no longer ignore the nagging in my head about this. I need to do this. I need to feel fulfilled and like I am making a difference (is that arrogant?)

I wish 100 times a day that someone would have told me to stick it out at UMD and get my masters degree. I was burnt out and just didn't have 1-2 more years of school in me at the time, but it truly is my biggest regret.

So, dear bloggy friends, have you gone back to school? How did you do it? Did you work? How did you pay for it? Tips? Tell me I am crazy? Will it make me happy? Tell me I can do it? AHH! My mind is racing about this and you my friends are getting the result of that.

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  1. coming from the girl who quit here 9-5 office job which I had had for 5 1/2 years (ever since I graduated college) to become a self employeed fitness isntructor I say do what you believe will make you happy. I stayed at my office job too long. It got to the point that I would cry before work, on my lunch break, sometimes at work, and again after work becuase I hated it so much. I had no idea if being a fitness isntructor would work out, I had no idea if I'd make enough money, and I had no idea if it would kill me or not. None of that mattered, it was what I really wanted to do and I went for it. I was lucky enough that we were able to live with my parents while I made th transition which helped with finances. I saved over $3000 for living expenses before leavign my job, only to have my husband admitted to the hospital a week after I left my job (and medical plan) and went through all $3000 in a matter of two weeks in medications and stuff.

    I truly believe that if oyu follow th path you are meant to go down thigns will take care of themselves. We had no money but made it through the rough times and 1 year into my new job I was making 80% of the income I had at my old job (but with fewer hours and no crying!) and come this September I am quite optimistic that I will be makinh 2x what I was making at my old job (only 3 years ago!) while still working fewer hours.

    If all else fails make a list. Write out the pros and cons. And if it's something you really want to do, do it now. When you look back at your life do you think you'll say to yourself, "I wish I would have gone back to school when I had the chance." or will you say, "I wish I would have stayed at a job that didn't inspire and fulfill me."

    The choice is ultimately yours, but I think you already know what you want to do, you just need some pushing ;)

    P.S. I haven't forgotten to send you that video, I'm hoping to get it in the mail tomorrow, I know, I'm a terrible slacker....