Monday, August 12, 2013

One lucky girl

Sometimes I don’t believe it is true.

I used to dream of this. The random text messages to say hi. Calling just because. A message on my iPad late at night saying I am thinking about you.

(ok his habit of taking screen shots of me on Facetime is kinda creepy Open-mouthed smile - at least I am smiling in this picture – usually I am making a dorky face!!)

It’s not flowers, or random gifts. Nope. But its every single day a reminder or two or three of how much he loves me. I’ll be focused on work at my desk, and look over and see a blue blinking light, which means a text from Eric. 90% of the times its just 3 simple works I love you. (sometimes I miss you – but usually I send that one Open-mouthed smile)

If I am there in person I don’t have to compete with games or sports (in fact, usually he is competing with school work – but that just means he gets to play his games while I work)

It was unexpected, I wasn’t looking for love. But I guess that’s how it works. You find it when you aren’t looking for it.
I wouldn't change a thing (except maybe living an hour away)

I found someone who loves me for me,no matter what. Even when I am stressed to the max and have a complete breakdown, when I am HANGRY (you know - angry from hunger), or silly and boarderline annoying...I am still his favorite.

I love that I laugh all the time now.

Still not sure how I got so lucky. But I am sure glad I did.

(p.s. – I swear he wears more than just that tee shirt! I just noticed that the 3 pics I pick from June, July and May – the boy is wearing the same shirt! HA!)

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  1. He's even getting better at sucking up to the parentals! A needed yet vastly underrated boyfriend skill. Lol.