Tuesday, April 16, 2013

To Boston, With Love

I read about the explosions at the Boston Marathon as I was walking out the door from work.

I turned on the radio, and began listening to the news reports and the tears started flowing.

6 months ago I was running the Marine Corps Marathon. 6 months ago, my family and friends were running (some literally) around DC to see me along the way.

6 months ago I crossed the finish line and tears of joy streamed down my face.

I had trained for a long time for that moment, and while it didn’t go exactly as planned, I reached my goal. I can’t even put into words the joy and excitement I felt.

I cried the whole way home, I turned on the tv and laid in bed watching the news and cried.

I cried for those who died. I cried for those whose joy and excitement of reaching such a goal was diminished by such tragedy. I cried for those whose training brought them so close only to have to run for their lives the opposite way of the finish line, some coming so far as to see the finish. I cried for the friends and family who were supporting the runners and carrying them through those miles (Lord knows I would have been in much worse shape without them) I cried for those who will never be able to run again.

I was so sad all afternoon and evening. I kept thinking that could have been my mom, dad, brother, Eric, Lindsay, Ray, Kevin standing on the sidelines cheering me on. It could have been Aubrey, running a kick ass race. I kept thinking about the 8 year old who was probably cheering on a parent.

Today, I am still sad, but after hearing the stories of those who lost limbs and the traumatic event so many have experienced, my almost 6 month running hiatus is officially over. I love running, I miss running, and I am going to run for those who now can’t run. I won’t take for granted something as simple as a run to clear my head. I won’t sit back and let my passion for running fall to the wayside because I am too tired, have too much homework, need to apply to more jobs. I will run, and I will run multiple times a week again.

Many runner’s lives were forever changed in Boston. Mine was changed right here at home.

Pray for all those in Boston, the runners, the spectators, the volunteers, the medical and emergency staff. Pray they have peace. My run today is for them.

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