Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life Lately

Classes started - this time I am taking 2 classes. I feel like I am never caught up, and I haven't even started with big assignments. The one class has so much reading and the textbook is impossible to understand. I feel like I re-read pages a lot and I still don't get it. It is one of the most poorly written textbooks I have ever read.

A few weeks ago, my parents had to put our kitty, Spencer to sleep. He had stopped eating and peeing, and when they took him to the vet they said he had a huge mass in his abdomen, and there wasn't  much they could do for him. I got him when I was in 7th grade, so he was an old kitty and so putting him to sleep was the best thing for him, anything else would have just prolonged his suffering. I was much sadder than I expected. Spencer and I haven't had a good relationship since 2003ish. He started getting really nasty with me around college time, and so we just tolerated each other. But I have fond memories of Kitten Spencer and his beanie baby raping* ways. Silly Cat.

Spencer liked the paper at christmas

My runs lately have been great and FAST. I took some time off for the wedding and for traveling to FL. I was a bit worried they would suck after all of that, but I PR'd (personal record) a 5k last night on the TM. Sweet. My awesome running coach and I have created a plan to get me a sub 30 5k by mid January. This prompted me searching for 5ks in FL. I found an awesome one where you run around the track at the Daytona Speedway... Please tell me that wouldn't be amazing... I think I might priceline a flight and if I can get one for super cheap I am going to do it! Why not!?

This weekend we are doing a fun activity. Buy With Me had a deal for a discounted ticket to Drink and Hunt  a scavenger hunt pub crawl. Sounds pretty fun! Hopefully we win. :-D

I will post a recap of my trip to FL soon.

* Spencer used to steal beanie babies from us. Then we would hear a loud growling and meowing from another room... and we would find him, um, having his way with the poor beanie baby. Perv! I did get it on video tape in high school. Back before we could put videos on the internet. It was funny.

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  1. Sorry about monster kitty. We have one of thos here now, Jim calls him Kujo. I can't wait to hear about your run. You are amazing Angela. Keep up the great work. Take care and have a blessed weekend.