Thursday, March 17, 2011

What a freak

I have been craving skittles for a few days now. I snuck them onto the grocery list when I sent Matt to the store and like a good boyfriend, he bought them. Score.

So I took my bag of skittles to my room to watch tv.

Then I realized how weird I am.

I poured a little pile on the bed, separated them by color, and then ate them in a certain order.

I took to twitter and commented  about this, and 2 of my friends said they do the same. We didn't agree on the order, but the common theme was Red was last.

Purple is the first to go (bleh) orange next, then yellow, then green and finally the best RED. (sorry for the crap pic- I took it with my cell because I was too lazy to go find the camera.)

So since my friends said they do this too maybe I am not as much of a freak as I thought... except, I do it with M&Ms too.... What does that mean?

What order do you eat your skittles? Do you eat them in an order, or just however they fall? Are you wearing green today?

1 comment:

  1. Must be genetic. I do it with M & M's, and though I don't eat Skittles too much, I do it with them too. I too always wondered if I was a little weird, but I figured other people did it too. I figure it's the same principle as eating the cherry last on a ice cream sundae--saving the best part for last. It's why I also cut the heart out of a piece of watermelon and put it aside for last. Got that from Granddaddy, so it at least runs in our family.