Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cross that off the bucket list

May 3rd my final grades were posted and I officially passed and will graduate with a masters of science in management of nonprofits and associations. It doesn't feel like two years ago when I started on this journey.

It's been hard at times, juggling a full time job, school work, social life and marathon training, but I did it.

I am not quite finished, I am going one more year and getting an MBA too.

Currently life is in transition. I have moved two months ago and I am currently looking for a job in the nonprofit world and moving on from Nannying.

Luckily for me I live in a great area for non profits.

Big things and big changes are coming my way. While the uncertainty of it all makes me nervous, I am constantly reminded its not my timing or my plan, but God's and I need to trust in him during this time.

Stay tuned. :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day

All mom wanted for her birthday was pictures of her kids, with Austin in his uniform. We didn’t get her that. We waited til Mother’s Day. (mainly because Austin was getting promoted and wanted his uniform updated before we took pics)

Luckily I know a great photographer, who gave me a sweet deal on a photo session. Open-mouthed smile (Perks of dating said photographer)

Anyway – getting these pictures was not easy. It is awkward taking professional pictures with your adult sibling. Most poses are either very childish or engagement like.

Anyway – here are a few




DSC_4235 5x7

Mom wanted this picture – she said “make angela play with your hat” Seriously? No mom.




DSC_4251 5x7



I had just made a crazy face and Eric took my picture- this is me cracking up at it

DSC_4268 5x7

Had to get the pup in there.


And a couple out takes


Haha – pretty much sums it up



My dad and Eric planned a photobomb!


Anyway – Happy Mother’s Day mom! Enjoy these – you won’t get anymore until someone gets married Open-mouthed smile