Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New Addition

I have a new alarm clock. It wakes me up around 7:00- 7:30am everyday. It doesn’t have a snooze button and can get quiet loud.

Its name is Enzo.


Eric and I have been looking at dogs for a while now ( ok I have been) and the consensus was we would get a dog after I finished Grad school.

Last Saturday we went to Pet smart for a $12 fish tank item.

I jokingly said, we are going to get a puppy, even double checked with Dani, our roommate, to make sure she wouldn’t kill us if we brought a dog home. Though I was still mostly joking.

We get to pet smart and there was the most beautiful black dog. He looked like a lab, upon asking, he is a lab and black and tan coonhound mix.

He looks so pretty, mostly black, but his fur is showing a lot of brown.

They said he was 11 months, and was already house trained, knows some basic commands and is working on behaving on a leash.

He was perfect, exactly what we wanted – an older dog, but not so old that he has unbreakable bad habits.

We walked around the store with him, and decided we would fill out the application, only one weekend early.


She spoke to one of our references, and was ready to give him to us. ( I personally believe she recognized us, as we go to pet smart on Saturdays, at least once a month, if not more, to look at puppies) He was perfect for us.


We did the paper work, and then went on a shopping spree. YIKES. Buying a dog on impulse means I didn’t get to scour craigslist for a cheap used crate, but our little boy now has a forever home, and we are forever hooked.


The first week was an adjustment for all, Enzo was used to living in a house with 7 other dogs, which provide constant entertainment. We weren’t cutting in, especially when we tired to do other things, like eat dinner, or do work. However, he is doing much better entertaining himself.

Taking long walks every night has been nice (until the rain came!) and it will be good for Eric and I too.


The first couple nights he slept locked in his bed, but then he did so well, we decided to try leaving the door open at night (I have some guilt about him being crated a few hours a day) he starts our laying by the bed, but always ends up sleeping in his crate.

Enzo had a great first vet visit, he was instantly everyone buddy there. Yesterday, we went to pet smart to get him food, and as we were leaving one of the employees there said “Is that Enzo?” They knew him and everyone liked him.

Enzo loves destroying his toys (must only purchase hard plastic toys now)


Watching life out the window




Playing in grandma and grandpa’s back yard- though Kobi (his uncle) hates him.


and snoozing.


We are in love.

Daddy left for work and we were sad


Enzo thinks he is a lap dog


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Watch this and try not to cry

I failed...

My mom seriously is the best, she has always done anything and everything for us, always putting herself last.

I love you mom.